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Fortune Hunters Series


GABRIEL’S GIFT: A Lost Hearts Christmas Story

by Christina Dodd | Series: Lost Hearts Series

New York Times bestselling author Christina Dodd first introduced you to Gabriel Prescott in her beloved Lost Hearts series. She continued Gabriel’s story throughout the suspenseful Fortune Hunters series and in DANGER IN A RED DRESS, readers rejoiced as he at last discovered the truth about his family and met the woman of his dreams.

In the all-new Lost Hearts story, GABRIEL’S GIFT, Gabriel must confront the demons of his past for a young girl to have any hope of a future, and discovers that, at Christmas, blessings sometimes come in disguise.

Enjoy GABRIEL’S GIFT: A Lost Hearts Christmas Short Story, a heartwarming epilogue for readers of Christina Dodd’s Lost Hearts and Fortune Hunters series. 10,500 words, first publication 2014. Get it now! KindleNookKobo, iBooks.


DANGER IN A RED DRESS: Fortune Hunters #4

by Christina Dodd | Series: Fortune Hunters Series

The thrilling conclusion of both The Fortune Hunters series and Lost Hearts series… told with all the excitement fabulous storyteller Christina Dodd can create! 

Down on her luck and desperate for work, Hannah Grey finds herself caring for an eccentric, embittered elderly woman living in a mansion on the wild Maine coastline. On her deathbed, she entrusts Hannah with a dangerous secret she’s hidden for years—one that makes Hannah a target for killers and sentences her to a life on the run. Hannah needs to find the one man who can keep her alive…

Gabriel Prescott has searched for a place to call home his entire life. Now that he’s on the verge of finding out his family history, he discovers that there’s only one woman who dares to stand in his way. If that wasn’t unfortunate enough, the woman who threatens his search for truth may be the only woman who can save him…

(You met Gabriel Prescott in the Lost Hearts series!) 

Christina Dodd THIGH HIGH

THIGH HIGH: Fortune Hunters #3

by Christina Dodd | Series: Fortune Hunters Series

New York Times bestselling author Christina Dodd gives you THIGH HIGH, a romantic suspense with two eccentric great-aunts, a series of quirky bank robberies, and the madness and forbidden pleasures of Mardi Gras . . .

Beautiful Nessa Dahl can handle it all.

But when big, handsome private investigator Jeremiah MacNaught comes to town, Nessa discovers that his kind of trouble is too hot to handle. He takes too many chances. He asks dangerous questions. And when he goes to Nessa for the answers, they discover an attraction that defies all common sense.

Only Jeremiah realizes that beneath Nessa’s no-nonsense exterior burns an outlaw spirit, and between them smolders a passion hotter than a sultry summer night. But when she discovers that the handsome investigator is undercover, lying to her about his very identity, and convinced she’s involved with the crimes, he’ll learn what Thigh High in trouble really means …

Christina Dodd TONGUE IN CHIC

TONGUE IN CHIC: Fortune Hunters #2

by Christina Dodd | Series: Fortune Hunters Series

New York Times bestseller Christina Dodd brings you The Fortune Hunters, a story of a family of lost brothers, wounded souls … a a fortune worth fighting for!

Getting in was the easy part…

Meadow Szarvas knew that breaking into Devlin Fitzwilliam’s mansion to steal a priceless painting was a dangerous move. She was ready for trouble—but not for the determination and guile of a handsome man with a secret agenda of his own. Locked in a breathtaking game of high-stakes deception, Meadow and Devlin can’t take their eyes off each other—and don’t want to. But what they don’t know is that another player has upped the ante—and is watching their every move…


TROUBLE IN HIGH HEELS: Fortune Hunters #1

by Christina Dodd | Series: Fortune Hunters Series

New York Times bestselling author Christina Dodd delivers her unique brand of romantic suspense in this smoldering tale of a man who’s not what he seems and a woman who’s all trouble…

Brandi Michaels moved to Chicago to be with her fiancé—only to discover he’d hopped a flight to Vegas to marry his new girlfriend. So she pawns her engagement ring, buys herself a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes, and spends one sultry night in the arms of a gorgeous Italian stranger named Roberto Bartolini, convinced she’s found the perfect revenge…

But when Brandi returns home, she’s shocked to discover that her apartment’s been ransacked and she’s the mark for a killer. Just as troubling, she realizes her new lover is more a stranger than she thought. Finding herself entangled in a web of danger, Brandi has no choice but to turn to Roberto—a man who’s destined to be either her savior or her downfall. But one thing’s for sure: she’s not going down without a fight…

TROUBLE IN HIGH HEELS won the Waldenbooks Award for Bestselling Romantic Suspense!


DANGEROUS LADIES: Fortune Hunters #1 and #2

by Christina Dodd | Series: Fortune Hunters Series

Here’s another way to enjoy the Fortune Hunter series, with the first two sexy, suspenseful bestsellers together in one volume! Two stories of dangerous women entangled in the arms of deliciously treacherous men…

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