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by Christina Dodd | Genre:

All new and out now! GABRIEL’S GIFT, a heartwarming Christmas story for readers of the Lost Hearts and Fortune Hunter Christina_Dodd_RELATIVESseries. Get it now! The Lost Hearts series is now in ebook with new covers and bonus material.
New and upcoming! In 2014, my publisher, St. Martins Press, launched her all-new suspense series, Virtue Falls, with a short story THE LISTENER and a full-length novel, VIRTUE FALLS. The books proved so popular, they are releasing another Virtue Falls short story in spring 2015, titled THE RELATIVES, and in September, 2015 the second Virtue Falls full-length novel.
Upcoming! Christina is finishing up a full-length original Governess Brides historical! She has been looking for the right title. Her mailing list has voted on the four finalists, and she’ll notify them of the results on Friday December 19th. Join and be the first in the know! 


GABRIEL’S GIFT: A Lost Hearts Christmas Story

by Christina Dodd | Genre: Fortune Hunters SeriesLost Hearts SeriesRomantic Suspense

New York Times bestselling author Christina Dodd first introduced you to Gabriel Prescott in her beloved Lost Hearts series. She continued Gabriel’s story throughout the suspenseful Fortune Hunters series and in DANGER IN A RED DRESS, readers rejoiced as he at last discovered the truth about his family and met the woman of his dreams.

In the all-new Lost Hearts story, GABRIEL’S GIFT, Gabriel must confront the demons of his past for a young girl to have any hope of a future, and discovers that, at Christmas, blessings sometimes come in disguise.

Enjoy GABRIEL’S GIFT: A Lost Hearts Christmas Short Story, a heartwarming epilogue for readers of Christina Dodd’s Lost Hearts and Fortune Hunters series. 10,500 words, first publication 2014. Get it now! KindleNookKobo, iBooks.



by Christina Dodd | Genre: SuspenceVirtue Falls Series

Twenty-three years ago, in the isolated coastal town of Virtue Falls, Washington, four year old Elizabeth Banner witnessed her mother’s brutal murder. Elizabeth’s father was convicted of killing Misty and sentenced to prison. Elizabeth was sent to live with relatives, and grew from a solitary child to a beautiful woman with a cool scientific mind and an instinctive distrust of love. Now Elizabeth is back in Virtue Falls, a geologist like her father, living cautiously, her life guided by logic and facts. But nothing can help her through the emotional chaos that follows the return of her ex-husband, Garik Jacobsen, an FBI agent on probation and tortured by the guilt of his past deeds. Nor can it help her deal with her father, now stricken with Alzheimer’s and haunted by Misty’s ghost. When a massive earthquake reveals long-concealed secrets, Elizabeth soon discovers her father is innocent. Is the killer still at large, stalking ever closer to the one witness to Misty’s murder? To Elizabeth herself? Elizabeth and Garik investigate, stirring old dark and deadly resentments that could provoke another bloody murder— Elizabeth’s own.

VIRTUE FALLS, out now in ebook for Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, and Google Play, and in hardcover for book collectors. Available in audiobook at Amazon, iBookBarnes & Noble, Indiebound, Books-a-Million, Powell’s, and Audible!

FREE! Listen to the first chapter of VIRTUE FALLS!

Click on this link to listen or right-click (and select “save link as”) to download the first chapter.

LadyinBlack6 copy


by Christina Dodd | Genre: Romantic Suspense

A straitlaced lady-butler, A powerful billionaire, And kidnapping, conflict, and steamy sex in the shower.
New York Times bestselling author Christina Dodd brings you cool suspense and hot romance in LADY IN BLACK!

Margaret Guarneri has found sanctuary managing the home of a rich, elderly man…until the day he receives a threat of kidnapping. Enter Reid Donovan, dynamic, wealthy in his own right, and suspicious of the gorgeous young widow who so diligently cares for his grandfather.

Distrust, extortion, and the shadows of the past drive Reid and Margaret apart. Wild, uninhibited passion brings them together. They must learn to trust each other before they can vanquish a killer…and in the process, they discover a passion more powerful than anything either of them could imagine. But has love come too late for the handsome billionaire and his lady in black?

LADY IN BLACK is a full-length novel of 70,000 words: read it in KindleNookKobo and iTunes! And because you asked, now in paperback, too! Winner of the Maggie Award for Excellence.


The Listener: A Virtue Falls Short Story

by Christina Dodd | Genre: SuspenceVirtue Falls Series

Available now! New York Times Bestseller Christina Dodd kicks off her new suspense series with THE LISTENER, a short story of mystery and intrigue set in the small town of Virtue Falls on the wild Washington coast…

If you knew someone was going to commit a murder, what would you do?

Only 99 cents! Order now for KindleNookKobo, Google Playor iBooks



by Christina Dodd | Genre: Anthologies

One bewitching bed…four captivating couples…two enthralling authors…These four sparkling stories by Christina Dodd and Connie Brockway are set during England’s most thrilling eras and prove that true love, and sizzling desire, are timeless. Once Upon a Pillow includes…

First Knight by Connie Brockway: 
In medieval England, a battle weary knight returns from the crusades searching for peace and finds instead the feisty—and bloodthirsty—wife-by-proxy he’d forgotten he even had.
Kidnapped by Christina Dodd
: A poverty-stricken lord concocts the perfect plan to win a fortune by abducting and marrying an heiress, but finds his own heart stolen when he snatches the wrong girl.
Her Captive by Connie Brockway: 
A highwayman’s beautiful sister will do anything to protect him from the bold kingsman set on his trail, even if it means chaining the fierce and furious man to her bed.
Last Night by Christina Dodd:
 The man in her house is a stranger to her, a danger to her, and the one man she should never love…and can’t resist.
The stories in ONCE UPON A PILLOW are also sold separately.



by Christina Dodd | Genre: Lost Hearts SeriesRomantic Suspense

ALMOST LIKE BEING IN LOVE, #2 in Christina Dodd’s New York Times bestselling romantic suspense series, Lost Hearts

Witness to a brutal murder, Pepper Prescott flees a killer, leaving her home, her business, and the false identity she’s spent years cultivating. She runs to the only place she’s ever felt safe—the small mountain town of Diamond, Idaho, where she met the boy who had captured her heart, and taught her body to love…until she turned her back on him in anguish and shame, leaving him without a backward glance.

 The moment she sees Dan Graham, sweet passion flares again, regardless of the bitterness and anger that divides them. But Dan’s service in the Special Forces has left him wounded, body and soul, and harboring a dangerous secret that could get both he and Pepper killed. In order to save their lives, they must learn to trust each other as they never had before … before it’s too late.
Enjoy ALMOST LIKE BEING IN LOVE Lost Hearts #2 in ebook on KindleNookKobo and iTunes!
Enjoy all three Lost Hearts books, JUST THE WAY YOU ARE, ALMOST LIKE BEING IN LOVE and CLOSE TO YOU in ebook with bonus material!


JUST THE WAY YOU ARE: Lost Hearts #1

by Christina Dodd | Genre: Lost Hearts SeriesRomantic Suspense

JUST THE WAY YOU ARE#1 in Christina Dodd’s New York Times bestselling romantic suspense series, Lost HeartsMystery and misery scar their young lives. Three sisters and their foster brother are torn apart by tragedy and scattered across the country to grow up apart…

Hope Prescott lives in Boston, far from the warm, southern home she recalls. She works with one goal in mind—finding her long-lost siblings. Yet her job at the answering service and her own loving nature creates a family of friends, people she knows only by their voices. She especially likes Griswald, gruff old butler for wealthy Zack Givens.

Meeting Griswald is a shock; he is neither gruff nor old, but a powerful, handsome man. In fact, he is Zack Givens, mysterious, cold, heartless—and charmed by the artless young woman who brings him chicken soup, treats him like a friend…and falls in love with the humble man she imagines him to be. When she discovers Zack’s secret and faces his betrayal, she leaves without a backward glance. Can Zack solve the mystery that haunts Hope’s past to prove their futures lie together?
Enjoy JUST THE WAY YOU ARE  for your KindleNook, Kobo and iBook! Enjoy all three Lost Hearts books, JUST THE WAY YOU AREALMOST LIKE BEING IN LOVE and CLOSE TO YOU in ebook with bonus material!

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